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12 Reasons

Why a kitset home is a great option:


With a kitset home you can save up to 40% because you take care of the build and can do some of the work yourself. 


Fast turnaround time - all our designs and materials are ready to go. This helps to streamline the build process.


With our bulk buying powers we know how to get you the best price and save you money.


Managing and building a kitset home is very fulfilling and rewarding, definitely the kiwi DIY way.


Top quality materials - we only use New Zealand leading and trusted suppliers in the building industry.


Less hassle when it comes to ordering and measuring materials. This also leads to less wastage.


Our kitset homes come with pre-nailed frames and roof trusses which helps to speed up the build process.


Kitset homes are very flexible. You can choose your own builder and subcontractors and do things your way.


Easy to transport compared to a transportable home and less restrictive in terms of size, shape & materials.


Great for remote areas that don't have access to local suppliers and trades.


Our kitset designs are very modern and well designed. This ensures our kitsets look great and are easy to build. 


With our clear 5 step kitset process and specification you can take full control of your build. 

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