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How Much Does a Kitset Home Cost in NZ?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A common question we get at Kit Homes is how much will it cost to build a kitset home in NZ. As a rough rule of thumb we say to clients to multiply the kitset price by 2.5 to get an approximate final cost. This includes the kitset price but excludes services and external works.

To help potential clients, we purposely display the price of each kitset on our website so they can do some quick numbers to see if it will fit in their budget. Our current kitset sizes range from 62m2 to 200m2 and we are adding more all the time.

Please keep in mind that this is a guide only and every build can vary significantly due to labour, materials, section, foundation, finishing and more.

At Kit Homes we supply the design, specification and materials, and you take care of the project management and build. Many of our clients decide to undertake some of the work themselves, or involve family and friends which leads to serious savings, while other clients choose their own builders and subcontractors but still maintain overall control of the project. The team at Kit Homes are always on standby to offer advice and assist in any way we can.

Four reasons why kitset homes are an affordable option:

  • With a kitset home you can save up to 40% because you take care of the build and can do some of the work yourself.

  • With our bulk buying powers and industry connections we know how to get you the best price and save you money.

  • All our designs and materials have been optimised so they are cost effective and ready to go, including pre-nailed frames and roof trusses, which helps to streamline the build process and save labour hours.

  • Four of our most popular plans were recently granted MultiProof Certification, which speeds up the consenting process and ultimately can make applying for building consents more affordable.

Overall, by deciding on a Kit Homes kitset, you’ll be getting a modern, well designed, top quality and cost effective home you’ll be proud of!


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