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I’m thinking of buying a kitset home, so what’s involved?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Here at Kit Homes we have a simple five step process: Discover, Accept, Consent, Deliver and Build. We want our process to be clear and straightforward with no surprises.

*Please note the following steps have been simplified for blog purposes and comprehensive instructions are provided to our clients each step of the way.

Kitset Homes NZ

Step one is ‘Discover’ and requires a bit of reading and decision making for our clients. We encourage them to read through our Kit Homes Info Pack and complete our questionnaire so we can get a better understanding of their project and what the requirements will be. Next we book in a discovery meeting either in person, online or via phone to go through the details of the agreement, kitset and other key information required for the build to enable us to put together a clear project plan. After the meeting we complete the design brief, and lastly our clients receive a quote for the project.

The next step is ‘Accept’. Again it’s important for our clients to carefully review and sign their Kit Homes Agreement, and from there a 10% deposit is required to purchase the plans for the selected kitset design. Our clients will receive a full set of PDF kitset plans (excluding site and drainage plans), and our Welcome Pack will be sent out which gives comprehensive details around next steps.

The middle step in our five step process is the ‘Consent’ step. It’s at this point that our clients will need to organise their site and drainage plans and lodge their building consent drawings with their local council. Help with lodgement can either come from a local draftsperson/architect or Kit Homes can also provide support if needed at an additional cost.

Once a building consent has been granted, it should be forwarded to their Kit Homes Project Manager and the project moves from paperwork to hands-on so get ready!

The fourth step is the ‘Deliver’ step and Stage One materials will be ready for ordering. Clients will receive an invoice for Stage One A (40%) and once paid, frames & trusses, roofing and any additional items will be ordered and delivered. Once Stage One A has been completed the next two stages will follow just like the first. Stage One B (30%) - joinery (windows and doors) and cladding, and finally Stage Two (20%) - interior linings, insulation and internal doors. Kit Homes requires 20 working days from order confirmation to delivery. This is our standard delivery time, but occasionally there are delays due to supply issues from our suppliers.

The final step is our ‘Build’ step where all the planning and preparation pays off and clients will start to see their projects come to life. At this step clients need to coordinate with their subcontractors and get their project started. Their Kit Homes Project Manager will stay in regular contact throughout the build to get progress updates (we love seeing photos, videos, and hearing feedback!) Council will also need to be involved at all the required stages for sign off. And when the build step is complete, clients will have a stunning new home, woo-hoo!


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