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Kitset Homes make the perfect Kiwi bach!

Recently we released our latest Kit Homes design - the Valentine!  When we were in the design phase, one of our inspirations was the quintessential Kiwi bach.  You know the one, with the kitchen, lounge and dining all rolling into a giant deck area perfect for entertaining or relaxing.  The Kiwi bach and long summers by the beach bring back warm-fuzzy memories for many Kiwis world-wide.  A place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, kick back and reconnect with family and friends over BBQs, beers and board games.

Kitset Homes NZ Bach

So what are the benefits of building a kitset bach?  Well when we think of a bach one of the first things that comes to mind is the importance of it being low maintenance.  You don’t want to spend your precious annual leave painting and fixing things around the house, and our range of kitset homes are the perfect low maintenance, lock up and leave!

Another benefit of a kitset bach is that it can be built anywhere in NZ.  Currently we have a number of kitset homes being built on Great Barrier Island and Waiheke Island, not to mention in many small towns dotted around NZ.  We deliver directly from our suppliers located up and down the country which helps keep transport costs low.  We also use pre-nailed frames and roof trusses which speeds up the build process and saves you money. So whether you’re looking to build your bach near a main city, on an island, or in a little community, we can work with you to make your retreat a reality.

Our kitsets are well designed and use top quality materials from trusted NZ suppliers.  When building a bach it’s important that it will be well ventilated in summer and nice and warm in winter so you can enjoy your home away from home all year long.  Our kitsets meet or exceed all NZ building standards and have been recently updated to comply with the new H1 regulations.  

Our kitset homes are also modern and have seamless indoor-outdoor flow, making them an attractive place to relax and unwind.  And if you’re thinking about renting out your bach occasionally to make some extra money, Kit Homes' selection of sharp, modern designs will no doubt be a popular choice for those scrolling Airbnb, Book a Bach and other similar websites. 

So what are you waiting for?  If you’re looking for a low maintenance, top quality, well designed, modern and cost effective bach that can be built anywhere in New Zealand, give us a call! 


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