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Proposed New Rules for ‘Granny Flats’

You may have already seen the recent news articles about the Government looking into changing the rules and making it easier to build ‘granny flats’ .  The reasons behind this push will come as no surprise to most Kiwis as there is a real lack of affordable homes at the moment, especially with the current cost of living crisis. 

So at present the Government is going through a consultation process and seeking input on plans to allow granny flats / minor dwellings of up to 60m2 to be built without requiring a building or resource consent, provided they meet specific criteria. In their supporting documentation the Government accepts that it is currently difficult and expensive to build in New Zealand, and that demand for these types of secondary dwellings will only increase.  Kiwis need options, whether it be to safely home our ageing population, or make room for the next generation who are struggling to meet the costs of the NZ housing market.

It’s early days, but this is a promising step forward in hopefully removing some of the obstacles for Kiwis needing affordable homes, while also ensuring that the homes built are healthy, sturdy and hard-wearing.

Here at Kit Homes we are currently working through options for our clients including amending our popular ‘Portia’ and ‘Othello’ kitset plans that are currently 62m2, and making them 60m2.  Our business model has always been focused around providing modern, cost effective kitset homes which use top quality materials, but are also low maintenance and meet or exceed all NZ building standards.

Submissions close on 12 August 2024, and we would encourage anyone with feedback on this topic to have their say as it’s important that the decision makers hear all views including any concerns, suggestions, risks and benefits.  You can read more about all the ins and outs on the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website:

At this point in time any changes made will not come into place until mid 2025, but it’s always good to start planning and preparing in advance, so if you’re looking to build a granny flat or minor dwelling, give us a call! 


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