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We use Timber for our Kitset Homes, Find Out Why!

When the team at Kit Homes first started dreaming and designing our kitset homes a few years ago, one of the decisions we needed to make was whether to use timber or steel framing. There are pros and cons for both, but one stood out to us as the natural and obvious choice - timber. Below we discuss why we’ve chosen timber framing for all our kitset homes.

Timber Kitset Home NZ

Not only is timber natural and renewable, but it’s also environmentally friendly and can have a positive impact on climate change as trees absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and store carbon, creating a greener future. Supporting the New Zealand forestry industry is an added benefit!

Timber also has a long history in the New Zealand construction industry and has proven itself to be an extremely strong, hard-wearing and reliable material. Whether your home will be located in a hot climate or a cold one, timber will stand the test of time.

Timber is light and very easy to work with and any changes to the size and shape are easily made when compared to steel. All Kiwi builders are also adept at working with timber and the tools they use are too.

One of the benefits we love most about timber is that it’s a natural insulator. With the addition of other insulation materials, timber framing contributes to a healthy home and even a saving on energy bills!

And finally timber is readily available all over New Zealand reducing not only transportation costs, but also the environmental impacts associated with long-distance material shipping.

At Kit Homes all our kitsets come with timber pre-nail frames and roof trusses which not only speeds up the build process, but makes construction as easy as possible for our clients and their builders. Thank you to all our New Zealand suppliers who make our jobs easier and our clients happy!


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