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Standard Kitset vs Custom Kitset

At Kit Homes we currently have 11 standard kitset homes which have been specifically designed to be cost effective and ready to go - this is our core business.  We’ve even detailed our simple five step standard process (Discover, Accept, Consent, Deliver and Build) in a previous blog because we want the steps to be as clear and straightforward as possible for our clients.  However, more and more we are getting clients wanting to make design changes to our kitsets so we are adapting and making this custom process easier which we will enlarge on below.

Standard Kitset Home vs Custom Kitset Home NZ

Firstly though, it’s important to note that choosing a standard kitset design still provides flexibility and requires essential client input around decisions such as colour choices for roofing, joinery and gutters, and what type of cladding is preferred (e.g. cedar or James Hardie).  There are also options for the house orientation (can flip the house around), and whether clients want concrete or timber foundations.  Other minor changes may also be allowed with consultation.  All these decisions are made at the design brief stage which is carefully outlined by a Kit Homes Project Manager.

While we encourage our standard process as it’s the best value for money, faster, yet still flexible, we also understand that building a house is a huge undertaking and getting the house of your dreams is important so some customers may want to make bigger structural or design changes.  Depending on our workload, we are happy to take on these custom projects, but always warn customers that the process for a custom takes longer due to getting a new design completed and pricing the additional materials accordingly, so additional costs apply.

Our custom process has eight steps (three more than the standard process) and includes: Discover, Design, Pricing, Accept, Drawings, Consent, Deliver and Build.

Most of our custom projects fall into two categories, either making changes to an existing design we have, or wanting a completely new design all together.  We have had both such custom projects underway recently.  For example, one of our clients really liked our ‘Juliet’ design, but due to the size and shape of their site, made the decision to keep a similar external look, but made quite a few changes to the internal layout and ended up with a slightly larger overall floor plan.  This required a completely new set of working drawings, so additional time and cost was needed for the project.

Another client was looking to build over on Great Barrier Island and needed a size of kitset we didn’t currently supply.  She worked closely with our Project Manager and Designer until she was happy with the kitset design and size, and is now working on finishing touches.

A further service we can provide is when a client already has approved working drawings for their house and is needing pricing for materials.  We can take those working drawings and quote up a competitively priced kitset for the project with our bulk buying powers.  Our aim is to always get the best price possible for our clients.

So whatever you require, we are happy to chat through ideas for your project and see if we can assist you in making your dream home a reality, why not call us today?


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